• Special Event

  • PP Red Pocket Tournament

    Red Pocket Tournament - Total prize-pool: CNY89,000 (IDR 186.700.000)

    Dates: Monday 29th January - Sunday 11th February 2018

    Qualifying Games: Lucky New Year™, Journey to the West™, 8 Dragons™

    How to play:

    • Every spin played on the participating games will get player 1 point towards the tournament. Minimum bet required for point gathering is USD 0.49 or IDR 7000 (0.49 cents and regional equivalents).
    • Players progress against other players automatically updates and can be viewed on the leaderboard. On the leaderboard player will see the progress listed as “his/her” and only other players’ game IDs
    • In the event of two players finishing the tournament on the same leaderboard position they will split the prize amount for the specific spot equally.
    • Make sure you regularly check the leaderboard to view your progress!

    Winners list will be announced after the promotion ends by the 13th February
    Total prize-pool: CNY89,000 (IDR 186.700.000)